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We custom price each event, and arrangement individually. It is our practice not to overextend our services so we may remain exclusive to our clients on the day of their event.
The minimum investment for our Services is $15000 + Service Fees ( which range from 20 % to 30% depending on Location, Rentals and Pick Up ).
The Service fee includes SETUP/DELIVERY/BREAKDOWN ( all about florals )
We also offer a la carte services for smaller orders (when available)

Pricing Guide

The hardest part of determining pricing for custom floral design is that it is custom to each event. It is very difficult to give a blanket pricing structure or a package price.
Many factors go into determining the final price of an event’s florals. Season, quantities of blooms needed, floral color choices, actual flower choices and design complexity all have an impact on the floral bottom line. That is just a few of the variables to consider when pricing wedding flowers. There are many other things that impact pricing as well.
Because Ponce Floral Design is committed to providing our clients with the best possible service, blossoms and attention to detail, we have a required a minimum starting budget of $20,000 not including delivery/setup/breakdown & sales tax. Holiday weekends generally result in higher market prices so Valentine's Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Mother's Day weekend, required a minimum starting budget of $10000. However, if you have a smaller party or a unique idea that you think would be a good fit, please don't hesitate to tell us about your event.


Starting At:
Our Clients Usually Spend About:
Bridal Bouquets
Bridesmaids' Bouquets
Wrist Corsages


Starting At:
Aisle Accents
$50-$60 and up
Ceremony Arrangements
$295 -$350 - $450
Arches & Chuppahs
$2250- $ 2850 - $3500 - $4500 & UP
$2000 with medium floral/foliage embellishments
$2500 and UP + with heavy of floral/foliage embellishments



Starting At:
Cocktail Arrangements
Escort Card Tables
& Displays
Low Centerpieces
$250 and up for candles and floral accents
$425 + for full and lush centerpieces.
Rectangular Tables
$650 for low flowers and candles (votive, pillars or floating)
Tall Centerpieces
$525 - $675 - $885 and UP
Cake Embellishments
$175 & Up for light clusters on layers
$55 for a topper
$150 for a topper and small clusters on layers
$ 650 + for cascading blossoms or heavily accented layers


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